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Star sign gambling tips

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tipsariesAries – Known to be aggressive and highly competitive Aires players should focus on the fast action games with more than one player. Sports betting is a good choice for Aries players, but it is important to carefully study the odds and gauge how good your chances are before putting any money down. When Aries players♠ do bet it will be one based upon good research. For those Aries players with a bit more of an adventurous spirit a little side bet may add to the fun.

taurusTaurus – While people born under the sign of Taurus are usually very conservative and cautious it is no surprise that they favor gambling that provides better odds and will put in the research necessary to increase their chances of winning. Fixed odds gambling is the ideal choice of Taureans, particularly as Taureans have a strong distaste for letting money go.

geminiGemini – Restless and lively by nature, Gemini players will find craps to be a good game to play. The fast pace and excitement of shooting dice to try and get the ideal roll provides enough excitement and entertainment to keep Gemini players happy.

cancerCancer – Homebodies by nature, Cancer players don’t enjoy the loudness and brightness of casinos, but with online casinos Cancer players can find a way to enjoy gambling without all the hustle and bustle associated with land-based casinos. Being able to gamble from the warmth and security of their own home is something that appeals to most Cancer players.

leoLeo – The flashy, bustling excitement of casinos is right up a Leo’s alley. Leo players love the excitement of Bingo because when they win they can draw all eyes to them as they call BINGO in a loud voice, making them the center of attention, right where Leos want to be.

virgoVirgo – Responsible by nature Virgos are the least likely to be found in casinos and yet when the circumstances are right they can have just as much fun as any of the other star signs. Games that require analysis such as Blackjack will appeal to Virgo players. Being able to work out whether to take a “hit” or to stay with the hand they are dealt requires the analytical skills Virgos are well known for. Virgos also know when it is time to quit and take their winnings home.

libraLibra – Indecision is one of Libra players challenges and so when faced with a casino full of fun games it can be difficult to know which one to sit down at. Pachinko machines are likely to draw the attention of Libras, and provided a Libra player is willing to be patient their odds of winning are improved.

scorpioScorpio – Mysterious by nature, Scorpio players are ideally suited to playing Poker. Regardless of which version they may play their competition will find it difficult to ‘read’ them because Scorpios have the best poker faces.

sagittariusSagittarius – With a love of traveling, the excitement of watching the roulette wheel spin round and round provides Sagittarians with all the excitement they could want or need. Being adventurous by nature the variety of choices roulette offers is ideal for the Sagittarius player.

capricornCapricorn – Baccarat appeals to the ambitious Capricorn who also revels in simplicity. With only 3 results Baccarat is a low probability game but still attracts wealthy players looking for a great game to play. This is the world that Capricorns like to live in, surrounded by high class.

acquariAquarius – Logic and gambling don’t seem to go hand in hand but the logical nature of Aquarians, along with a love of the unconventional make large table games such as blackjack and poker the ideal choice. Aquarians will find the appeal of being able to interact with other players too great to resist.

piscesPisces – Slot machines! The slot machine area of a casino is where you are likely to find most Pisces players, quietly playing away in the corner, avoiding all the noise and flashy lights of the rest of the casino. While Pisces players may have big dreams they tend to be very conservative gamblers.

Online Bingo Is The Safest Choice

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One issue that is becoming extremely common in a lot of online and physical casinos is cheating, as a lot of people have started to realize that there is a lot of money that can be made in this kind of an environment.

However, one game that is seen as being relatively cheat-free is bingo, despite the fact that there are all sorts of stories going around about people supposedly cheating in this game, as well as literally dozens of cheating guides available, both physical and online, that can show people how to apparently cheat at virtually any game that you can think of. Many of these guides are available for free.

The big question, however, remains: is gaming actually still safe? There are a lot of casinos that have worked hard to put a lot of strict safety measures in place, meaning that all games and all players are very closely watched at all times. This same move is put into effect for online casinos as well.bingo_girl_pc

Even though there are some dishonest players, it’s not very common to find cheating in online bingo, meaning that the game itself is still fairly safe. But why exactly is online bingo safer than physical bingo? The simple answer to this is since players aren’t able to mark their own cards, this makes cheating a lot more difficult.

The only thing that’s left for you to do is to find a safe and reliable online bingo site to play on that features all kinds of strict safety measures to help protect you while you play.

When you search for one of these, it’s important to take a look at the following:

  • Can players be banned from having multiple accounts?
  • What honest and strict rules are there in terms of cashouts?
  • Are all of your details kept safe?

Chances are you’re wondering why these things are the most important to take a look at in any kind of a safe online bingo game. The answer is simple: players only need to have one single account, otherwise they will be able to try to cheat you out of more money. Any cashout should be as safe and strict as possible, so you can rest assured that all of your money will be in the best hands possible. There are even some online bingo websites that choose to sell some of your information, so it’s important to go with a website that will keep all of your personal details safeguarded.